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Sasquatch Captured – for Real

Check out this CBC Manitoba Story to get the straight dope.


Zip Line over 1200-foot Gorge

I think zip lines aren’t used enough. I find this inspirational!

In the Mediterranean style

It seems that many greek and roman statues were not white, they were painted, and there are still traces of the original pigment in the marble.

The Vatican Museum put on an exhibition making copies of the statues and painting them based on the pigments that were found.

Though it is quite clear that the painting was not done with quite the consummate skill that the sculpting was.

Big Blue House

An inspired design, from inside and out. The angry spat that breaks out in the comments is momentarily diverting as well, confirming all one’s suspicions about dead-eyed suburbanite conformity.

Or You Could go to Staples

Awesome business cards that don’t suck.

This guy makes the Olympics look dull

And he’s Chinese! And, I would wager, more athletic than some Olympic Athletes (Yes, I am talking to you, softball players).

None of these photos were photoshopped.