A Tribute to John Hodg-Man

John Hodg-Man is a fellow whose audio books and appearances on the Daily Show are an exercise in erudition and entertainment free from the flim flammery and balderdash that characterize most cable pundits.

He also has a blog, and has recently been running HODG-CON 2008, a mysterious rite involving pig’s bladders, bedhead, and a grim view out the window.

In tribute to the said HODG-CON and the HODG-MAN, I have created a Soviet Realist Absurdist poster and a Comic Book in tribute to the Great Man, who, if his words were word-balloons, might speak like P.T. Bridgeport, of Pogo Possum fame.

They are also available as a full-size pdf: hodg-con-2008

Good Evening.

Good Evening.

Whither Bartleby?

Whither Bartleby?

Enjoy his products by purchasing them at a bookstore or iTunes facility near you.


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